Nostalgia dedicated to our youthful years and beyond!


For the politicians, bankers and insurance companies.

May Son Remember

A song for the Freemasons.


Paul SINDELL has been a songwriter, arranger and producer for almost 50 years. He was sound engineer for The Farm 24 track recording studios England and has worked during his career with many artistes such as: Level 42, Rat Scabies, John McCoy, Lea Hart, Liane Carroll, Gary Barnacle, the Pope Benoït XVI, London Weekend Television, PGH Television, Cadfael (Ellis Peters), Super Mario, Playboy and many others.

Cadfael (Ellis Peters)
Benoit XVI (Jesus of Nazareth)
Classical using AKAI S1000 sampler
Mannesmann Demag
Dressed to Thrill (Playboy)
Envy Rock (Thank you John McCOY)
I Wanted to Love You
La Loire
Me (Featuring Richard Burton)
Moving On
Baby Blu
Just One More Pastis
Fight or Flight
Love Will Survive
Back Van Nasty 1970's

This band originated in River near Dover in Kent.

Before the Beginning
Colour Scheme
How Must We Live Our Lives
When All is Dead and Sun
Concerning Several Heads
Land of Innocence
Land of Luxury
Land of Solitude
Nasty Business
Sri Pada
Crossing the Rubicon
Reg Laws †

Alas this wonderful man left us for the great gig in the sky. This track was recorded in the 80's in his hometown of Folkestone.

Bloodstone Blues
Dave Lawrence

His claim to fame in 1981.

One More Tear
Dead Sea Scrolls

Clayton & Chris at their best! Recorded at the Farm Studios Kent in 1991.

Take Me Back Home With you Tonight
The Feel - 1980's

This 2 piece band and a sound engineer originated in River near Dover in Kent.

Let it Go
Mystery Melody
Outside In
Popping Up
Some People
Tell Me
Waiting for a Vision
You Never Know
Home Service

After BVN, my brother Stephen Sindell joined this band.


After BVN, his brother Paul Sindell joined this band.

Acid Test

A magical Canterbury band recorded at the Farm Studios in 1990.

She Comes and She Goes
Southern Comfort
Big Feet

Local band during the 80's.

How We Gonna Live Together
Think You Know
My Moments With You
Now That She's Gone